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AS1337 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6261 VISINET - Net Telcos AS6262 CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial AS6263 NDIN - State of North Dakota AS6264 AS-ALTO-EXT2 - ALTOAS6265 SIVENSA - Sivensa Corp. AS6303 BARCLAYS-CAPITAL - Barclays Capital AS6304 CSTBRANDS - CST Brands Inc. AS6317 MILLENNIANET - Millennia Net, LLCAS6318 CHECKFREE - Check Free Corporation AS6319 MARRIOT-ASN - Marriot Corporation AS6320 FUSEDNETWORKS-AS MDNX Enterprise Services Ltd AS6321 ADVTEL - EATELAS6322 PEAKBROADBAND-COS - Peak Broadband AS6323 ENEWS - The Electronic Newstand AS6324 MFS-EAST-AS - MFS Global Network Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS7047 TDSYS - Trident Data Sytems AS7048 Linha Livre Internet Ltda AS7049 Silica Networks Argentina S. AS7050 UW-MILWAUKEE-AS1 - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee AS7051 ASN-SNS - Secure Network Systems AS7052 HTS-AS - Hi-Tech Services, Inc. AS7054 MERCK AS FOR MERCKAS7055 QIS - Quantum Internet Services, Inc. AS7070 CLEAR-CHANNEL-AS-7070 - Clear Channel Communications, Inc. AS7505 MEDIAWEB Fujitsu Systems East Limited AS7506 INTERQ GMO Internet, Inc AS7509 HINET Hokkaido University AS7511 SYNAPSE Good Communications Co., Ltd. AS7522 STCN STNet, Incorporated AS7523 TECHNOW RICOH TECHNOSYSTEMS Co., LTD. AS7526 MIND-US Mitsubishi Electric Information Network Corporation AS7527 JPIX Japan Internet Exchange Co., Ltd. AS7536 WONDER Wonder Net International Corporation AS7537 PWTW Price Waterhouse Taiwan AS7538 SEEDER-AS-AP Seeder Computer Corporation LTD.AS1338 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6266 ICONN-AS - Iconn LLCAS6267 MEGAPATH3-US - Mega Path Networks Inc. AS6305 AENT-AS - Alliance Entertainment AS6306 TELEFONICA VENEZOLANA, C. AS6307 AMERICAN-EXPRESS - American Express Company AS6308 ALASCOM-MIS - AT&T ALASCOMAS6309 DICEH-6309 - Dice Holdings, Inc. AS6311 OXNET-6311 - Oxford Networks AS6312 GARNET-AS - West World Media, LLCAS6313 PROMETHEUS - Prometheus Information Corp. AS6325 ILLINOIS-CENTURY - Illinois Century Network AS6326 LEBANET1 - Leba Net, Inc. AS7512 WITH WITH Network AS7513 NETFORWARD Hitachi Systems, Ltd. AS7515 GROBAL-OCN NTT Communications Corporation AS7516 TOHKNET Tohoku Intelligent Telecommunication Co., Inc. AS7539 TANET2-TW TANet2, sponsored by NSC, TAIWANAS7540 HKCIX-AS-AP Hong Kong Commercial Internet Exchange AS7541 FICNET-AS-AP FIC Network Service, INC.

Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien AS1117 Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur, Wien AS1118 ASN-Graz AS1119 ASN-Wien AS1120 ACONET_SERVICES ACOnet Services @ Vienna Internet e Xchange AS1121 VIX-RS VIX Route Server AS1122 UK-ASAS1123 Technikum Vorarlberg AS1124 UVA-NL Universiteit van Amsterdam AS1125 SURFnet Test Network AS1126 VANCIS Vancis Advanced ICT Services AS1127 SURFnet Multicast Test ASNAS1128 TUDELFT-NL DTO TUDELFT, The Netherlands - ASAS1129 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1130 SURFnet VPN TEST ASNAS1131 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1132 METEOCONSULT-AS Meteo Consult BVAS1133 UTWENTE-AS University Twente AS1134 KPNM-NL KPN Mobile Network Operator AS1135 Veronica Interactive Plaza AS1136 KPN KPN Internet Solutions AS1137 UNIPAS1138 UNUSEDAS1139 AMOLFAS1140 SIDN Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland AS1141 TUE-SPACELABS Eindhoven University of Technology AS1142 WKAPNET Springer Science and Business Media B. AS1143 NOTINUSE-AS currently not in use AS1144 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1145 KENNISNET-AS Kennisnet AS1146 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1147 MCL-AS Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden AS1148 LOFAR-AS Stichting LOFARAS1149 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1150 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1151 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1152 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1153 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1154 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1155 SURFnet5 Test-ASAS1156 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1157 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1158 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1159 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1160 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1161 AS-TUE Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)AS1162 SURFSARA-AS Science Park 140AS1163 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1164 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1165 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1166 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1167 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1168 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1169 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1170 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1171 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1172 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1173 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1174 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1175 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1176 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1177 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1178 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1179 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1180 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1181 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1182 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1183 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1184 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1185 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1186 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1187 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1188 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1189 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1190 SURFNET-CTIT-QBONE-ASAS1191 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1192 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1193 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1194 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1195 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1196 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BVAS1197 NETWORKABILITY Network Ability Limited AS1198 BELSURFAS1199 ABUSEHUB-AS SURFnet AS1200 AMS-IX1 Amsterdam Internet Exchange B. AS1201 ASN-ODU-AS-AS - Old Dominion University AS1202 JSC-JIN-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration AS1203 ITALTEL-AS Italtel Sit AS1204 SUNYNET-ASN-AS - State University of New York, Central AS1205 JKU-LINZ-AS University Linz AS1206 PSCNET-HS-AS - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center AS1207 PSCNET-HS-TEST-AS - Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center AS1208 DNIC-AS-01208 - Do D Network Information Center AS1209 DNIC-AS-01209 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS1210 3RD-US-ARMY-ASN - Headquarters, USAISCAS1211 DNIC-AS-01211 - Headquarters, USAISCAS1212 DNIC-AS-01212 - Headquarters, USAISCAS1213 HEANET HEAnet Limited AS1214 COLOEXCHANGE - COLOEXCHANGE. AS1322 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS5101 LEECOUNTYSCHOOLS - The School District of Lee County AS5102 ATTIS-ASN5102 - AT&T Internet Services AS5103 ATTIS-ASN5103 - AT&T Internet Services AS5104 ATTIS-ASN5104 - AT&T Internet Services AS5105 ATTIS-ASN5105 - AT&T Internet Services AS5106 WINPR - Win PR, Inc. AS5711 CYBER2 - Cyber Stream Information Services, Inc. AS5743 ASN-VFPA - Port Metro Vancouver AS5744 USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office AS5745 Organizacion Panamericana de la Salud AS5746 CELESTAR-ASN - Celestar AS5747 ASN-RISQ-QIX - Reseau d'Informations Scientifiques du Quebec (RISQ) Inc. AS5749 RP - Peets Coffee & Tea AS5750 FLEXNET-HAWAII - Flex Net Inc. AS5752 GREATBASIN - Great Basin Internet Services, Inc AS5753 EMPAC-DOM - EMPa C International Corp. AS6402 NFRAME - n Frame AS6403 OPN - Oregon Public Networking AS6404 FACTSET - Fact Set Research Systems, Inc. AS6410 ASICOM - ASI COMMUNICATIONSAS6411 INSWEB - Strategic Concepts Corporation AS6412 KW KEMSAS6413 SOCOMM - Southern Online Systems, Inc. AS6418 SATELNET-AS - Satel Net Communications, Inc. AS6617 PBB-MY - Information Management Systems AS6618 JOHNS-122 - Johns Hopkins Health Care AS6619 SAMSUNGSDS-AS-KR Samsung SDS Inc. AS7212 VANDERBILT - Vanderbilt University AS7213 MASONCOMPANIESINC - Mason Companies, Inc. ESPAS7316 NETECH - North East Technologies AS7317 CSPS-AS - The First Church of Christ, Scientist AS7318 FOCALINK-AS - Focalink AS7319 WEBSPAN - Webspan Inc AS7320 LANCITY - LANcity Company AS7321 LNET-ASN - Local Net Corporation AS7322 MARSWEB - MARSweb, LLPAS7323 ADVEST - Advest AS7324 IFAX-ASN-1 - i FAX Solutions, Inc. AS7367 SYSONE - Systems One Amadeus AS7368 ST-NETWORK-1 - American Messaging Services L. AS7370 CDSINC - Commercial Data Systems AS7371 COASTALCORPORATION - The Coastal Corporation AS7372 IPEXCHANGE-NJ - AV-Network, Inc. AS7377 UCSD - University of California at San Diego AS7378 CONNETIX - Connetix, Inc.AS1335 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6241 DISTRIBUTEL-AS6241 - DISTRIBUTEL COMMUNICATIONS LTD. AS6255 CHANNEL1 - Channel 1 Communications AS6256 ALLTEL - Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless AS6257 NOVALINK-GW - Novalink USAAS6258 INOC-ASN - Telecon Communications Corp. AS6299 TELALINK - Telalink Corporation AS6300 CCI-TEXAS - Consolidated Communications, Inc. AS6329 FIHN - Fist In Hand Networks AS6330 WORLDWIDE-AS - Worldwide Communications AS6331 AIT-NET - Atlantic Internet Technologies, Inc. AS7024 PIXELGATE - Pixel Gate AS7025 AMLIBS - Ameritech Library Services AS7026 IME-AS - Internet Maine AS7027 ENGAGE - ENGAGE games online AS7028 IBS - International Business Software, Inc. AS7061 COGENT-7061 - Cogent Communications AS7062 DE-JAZZD7062 - Windstream Communications Inc AS7063 INSIDE SISTEMAS DE INFORMACAO LTDA -AS7064 ACI-NET-AS - Associated Communications Internet, Inc. AS7485 MUT-BOARDER-AS-AP Mahanakorn University of Technology (Thailand)AS7486 NEWS-INTERACTIVE-AS-AP News Interactive Australia AS7487 KEANEWORLDZEN-AS-AP Keane Worldzen India AS.AS1336 ANSBB-ASNNET-1 - Advanced Networks & Services Inc. AS6259 COGENT-6259 - Cogent Communications AS6260 CROSSLINK-NUNET-AS - Nu Net Inc. AS6301 HP-CLOUD-SERVICES - Hewlett-Packard Company AS6302 TELSCAPE-COMMUNICATIONS - Telscape Communications, Inc. AS6316 AS-PAETEC-NET - Pae Tec Communications, Inc. AS7029 WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications Inc AS7030 EXWIRE - Exwire, Inc. AS7032 NMB-AS - Net Manage, Bellevue-WAAS7033 FIREWALL - Eris Free Networking AS7035 ECLIPSE - Eclipse Internet Access AS7036 PRIMUS-AS7036 - Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. AS7038 Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey AS7039 OAKNET - OAKNET Consulting AS7040 RECKNER - J. AS7041 DALCOMP - Dalcomp AS7042 OLYMPUSNET - Townsend Communications, Inc AS7043 FASEB-AS - FASEBAS7044 CSACNETWORKS - Computer Systems Authority AS7045 WEATHER - THE WEATHER CHANNELAS7046 RFC2270-UUNET-CUSTOMER - MCI Communications Services, Inc. AS7065 SONOMA - Sonoma Interconnect AS7066 NETWORK-VIRGINIA-AS - Network Virginia AS7067 TECHINTER - Technology Interface, Inc. AS7069 NORTH-AMERICAN-INT - North American Internet, Inc. AS7488 IDC7488 Yahoo Japan Corporation AS7490 DETELEKOM-AS-AP T-Systems Japan K. AS7491 PI-PH-AS-AP PI-PHILIPINESAS7492 GIL-AS-AP Global Info-Links AS7493 PEOPLELINK-AS01-AP AS number for Peoplelink Internet Limited AS7494 CERETECHS-AS-AP Ce Re Techs Co ltd AS7495 AMANET-AS Amanet is the ISP service of AMA Computer College AS7496 WEBCENTRAL-AS Web Central AS7497 CSTNET-AS-AP Computer Network Information Center AS7498 IINET-WA-AS-AP ii Net Limited AS7499 CNS-HK-AS China Network Services (HK) Ltd ASAS7500 M-ROOT-DNS WIDE Project AS7502 IP-KYOTO Advanced Software Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTOAS7503 AIR Air Internet Service Co., Ltd. AS7531 GENOME Genome Net Project AS7532 GAMANIA-TW Gamania Digital Entertainment Network, AS7533 NETO Neto Corporation AS7534 SILKERA-TW NEW SILKERA NETWORKAS7535 TISNET TISNET Technology Inc.AS115 DNIC-AS-00115 - Do D Network Information Center AS116 TELCORDIA - Telcordia Technologies AS117 ALBM-NET-AS - Lockheed Austin Division AS118 DNIC-AS-00118 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS119 AMS-AS - American Mathematical Society AS120 MITRE-OMAHA - The MITRE Corporation AS121 DNIC-AS-00121 - Do D Network Information Center AS122 U-PGH-NET-AS - UPMCAS123 LOGAIRCOMNET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS124 DNIC-AS-00124 - Do D Network Information Center AS125 HI-NET-AS - Honeywell International, Inc. AS186 CUA-AS - The Catholic University of America AS187 DNSCAST-AS - DNScast AS188 SAIC-AS - Science Applications International Corporation AS189 LVLT-189 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS224 UNINETT UNINETT, The Norwegian University & Research Network AS225 VIRGINIA-AS - University of Virginia AS226 LOS-NETTOS-AS - Los Nettos AS227 DNIC-AS-00227 - Headquarters, USAISCAS228 DNIC-AS-00228 - Do D Network Information Center AS229 MERIT-AS-6 - Merit Network Inc. AS276 OTS-AS-276 - University of Texas System AS277 CSC-300-AS277 - Computer Sciences Corporation AS278 Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico AS279 LVLT-279 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS542 ARNET - Alberta Research Council AS543 HP-POLYCOM - Hewlett-Packard Company AS544 SONERA-FUNET-TRANSIT Sonera Corporation AS545 NRI - Corporation for National Research Initiatives AS546 SPARTA-AS - Sparta, Inc. AS693 NOTRE-DAME-AS - University of Notre Dame AS694 DNIC-AS-00694 - Headquarters, USAISCAS695 SWITCH-TEST1 SWITCH, The Swiss Education and Research Network AS696 SWITCH-TEST2 SWITCH, The Swiss Education and Research Network AS697 Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung AS698 ASN-UIUC-REGION-AS - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign AS699 KNBE - KANOBE INCAS700 ROKNET-AS - Rockwell International Systems AS701 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS814 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. AS4985 PGWORKS - PHILADELPHIA GAS WORKSAS4986 INTERSTAR - Inter Star Network Services, Inc. AS5006 ZAYOMN1 - Onvoy AS5007 COMPUTOPIA - Computopia AS5008 BRADSHAW-RICHARDSON-TX-US-01 - Bradshaw AS5009 ADVTEL - EATELAS5010 KISNET-1 - KISNET Corporation AS5011 EMTF-AVI - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5012 EMTF-AZO - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5013 EMTF-IZM - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5014 EMTF-INC - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5015 SHOUTING - Shouting Ground Technologies AS5016 BRAGG-NEC - Headquarters, USAISCAS5017 CITICTEL-CPC-AS5017 CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited AS5018 CITICTEL-CPC-AS5018 CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited AS5019 DATACOM-GATE - Inter Sec, Inc. Net AS5406 BNIXAS5407 SKYNET-CZ Sky Net AS5408 GR-NET Greek Research and Technology Network S. AS5528 ANADANA-AS SIA Ana Dana AS5529 DIAG-AS DIAG Dienstleistungen AGAS5530 EDS-GROUP-AS "Commercial House Inter Trading Plus" LTDAS5531 TEZTOUR-AS "Tez Tour", Ltd. AS5533 CLARANET-PT Claranet Portugal Telecomunicacoes S. AS5566 COSMOSAS5567 AS5567 National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University AS5568 RBNET ROSNIIROS Russian Institute for Public Networks AS5569 Posten AB, ITAS5570 UKNET-AS UK Network Services AS5571 NETCOM MDNX Enterprise Services Limited AS5572 BOTIK Botik Technologies Ltd. AS5622 Thomson Corporation Switzerland AGAS5623 ATT-EMEA Autonomous System AS5624 CSC Danmark A/SAS5626 ONI ONITELECOM - Infocomunicacoes S. AS5627 WWL Internet Gmb H Stuttgart AS5628 EUROTEL-SK Slovak Telecom, a. AS5629 GRAL GRAL's AS Number AS5630 AS_AWL-DE Atos Worldline SASAS5631 VITAL-GROUP VITAL-GROUP UK Network AS5632 CRONOS-CAPITAL - Cronos AS5633 Internet Online S. AS5638 BREWER-SCIENCE - Brewer Science AS5639 Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago AS5640 NCSA-VBNS-EX - National Center for Supercomputing Applications AS5641 DATAPOINTINC-5641 - Data Point AS5642 ASHDOWN-TECH - Ashdown Technologies, Inc. AS5660 JCI-NET - Johnson Control AS5661 USF - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDAAS5662 ASN-TBS-1 - Turner Broadcasting AS5663 EDCNET - US Geological Survery AS5664 SHERIDAN-NET - Sheridan College AS5665 DELMARVA-ASN - Delmarva Power & Light Company AS5666 NET-CPRK - Harris Cap Rock Communications, Inc. AS7158 NETFEED-AS - Net Ex Online Services AS7159 NTTCNET - New Trier Technology Cooperative AS7160 NETDYNAMICS - Oracle Corporation AS7161 QWEST-AS-7161 - Qwest Corporation AS7162 Universo Online S. AS7163 NYLI-AS - New York Life Insurance AS7164 LIPS-AS - Local IP Service, Inc. AS7166 C-ECOMM - C-E Communications AS7167 Administracion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones AS7168 WB-DEN3 - Viasat Communications Inc.

AS126 DNIC-AS-00126 - Do D Network Information Center AS127 JPL-AS127 - Jet Propulsion Laboratory AS128 ADS-AS - Advanced Decision Systems AS129 DNIC-AS-00129 - Do D Network Information Center AS130 CSOCNET-AS - Space Communications Division AS131 UCSB-NET-AS - University of California, Santa Barbara AS132 WPAFB-CSD-NET-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS133 AFIT-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS134 CORONA-GW-AS - Fleet Analysis Center AS135 DNIC-AS-00135 - Do D Network Information Center AS136 AF-ASN-136 - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS137 ASGARR GARR Italian academic and research network AS138 DNIC-AS-00138 - Do D Network Information Center AS139 DNIC-AS-00139 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS140 DNIC-AS-00140 - Do D Network Information Center AS141 DNIC-AS-00141 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS142 DNIC-AS-00142 - Headquarters, USAISCAS143 OOG1-AS - 1881CS/XPCAS144 ATT-INTERNET - Lucent Technologies/Bell Laboratories AS145 VBNS - MCI Communications Corporation AS146 HQEIS-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS147 DNIC-AS-00147 - Do D Network Information Center AS148 DNIC-AS-00148 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS149 DNIC-AS-00149 - Do D Network Information Center AS150 DNIC-AS-00150 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS151 IND-NTC-AS - Hewlett-Packard Company AS152 SRI-ACCATT-AS - SRI International AS153 CTNOSC-ASN-153 - Headquarters, USAISCAS154 DNIC-AS-00154 - Headquarters, USAISCAS155 DNIC-AS-00155 - Do D Network Information Center AS156 NORTHEASTERN-GW-AS - Northeastern University AS157 INTELLIAUTON - Silicon Graphics International Corp. AS159 OSUNET-AS - The Ohio State University AS160 U-CHICAGO-AS - University of Chicago AS161 TI-AS - Texas Instruments, Inc. AS190 DNIC-AS-00190 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS191 DNIC-AS-00191 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)AS192 ROCHINSTTECH - Rochester Institute of Technology AS193 FORD-ASN - Lockheed Martin Western Development Labs AS194 NCAR-AS - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research AS195 SDSC-AS - San Diego Supercomputer Center AS196 RISC-SYSTEM - Rockwell Scientific Company AS197 RAYTHEON-AS-2 - Raytheon Company AS198 DNIC-AS-00198 - Do D Network Information Center AS199 LVLT-199-203 - Level 3 Communications, Inc. AS547 ASN-IBM-LEX - IBMAS548 HQUSAF-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS549 GTANET-AS - GTAnet Networking AS550 CORNETT-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory AS551 TIS-AS - Sparta, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS702 AS702 Verizon Business EMEA - Commercial IP service provider in Europe AS703 UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business AS815 UUNET-CANADA - MCI Communications Services, Inc. AS4987 ALOHANET2 - Hawaii Online AS4988 ALOHANET1 - Hawaii Online AS4989 YUMESJDC01 - YUMEAS4990 ATTIS-ASN4990 - AT&T Internet Services AS4991 COGENT-4991-4994 - AGISAS4992 COGENT-4991-4994 - AGISAS4993 COGENT-4991-4994 - AGISAS4994 COGENT-4991-4994 - AGISAS4995 Netup S. AS4996 SBI - Citigroup AS4997 AFS-WEST - American Fiber Systems, Inc. AS5020 MEA - Mitsubishi Electronics AS5021 PACAF-GCCS - 754th Electronic Systems Group AS5022 FANEUIL - Faneuil Systems AS5023 FIREBALL - Publication Services AS5024 BRIDGE - Bridge Net, LCAS5025 ASN-DATABANK - Databank, Inc. AAS5409 TPL-ASN toplink Gmb HAS5410 ASN-BOUYGTEL-ISP Bouygues Telecom S. AS5411 CC-NET-ASAS5413 AS5413 Daisy Communications Ltd AS5414 Zynet Ltd AS5415 GU CJSC Global Ukraine AS5416 Batelco AS5417 DEMON-NL XS4ALL Internet BVAS5418 NERDNET-AS nerdnet AS5419 CUCI Cubic Circle B. AS5420 KEMNET Kemira Oyj AS5421 SU-NET-AS Sofia University "St. AS5461 OKB MEIAS5462 CABLEINET Virgin Media Limited AS5463 PERCEVAL Perceval S. AS5464 NETDISCOUNTER Netdiscounter Gmb H autonomous system AS5466 EIRCOM Eircom Limited AS5467 MIPT Non state educational institution "Educational Scientific and Experimental Center of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology"AS5468 URFU Yeltsin Ur FU, Ural Federal University AS5469 AGNET Ahlstrom Corporation AS5470 ASAUTHNET Aristotle University of Thessaloniki AS5471 SCI-NNOV scientific/educational network AS5472 CC Power Ltd AS5473 ASNORILSK Iterica LLCAS5474 TOBBETU-NET TOBB Economics and Technology University AS5475 Universitaet Hamburg AS5476 TU Hamburg-Harburg AS5477 Universitaet der Bundeswehr Hamburg AS5478 GKSS Forschungszentrum Geesthacht Gmbh AS5479 UNI-VILNIUS Kaunas University of Technology AS5480 R61NET State Educational institution for High professional education 'Southern Federal University'AS5481 ISET ISET Informatica AS5482 AS5482 Daisy Communications Ltd AS5483 HTC-AS Magyar Telekom Plc. (Ltd.)AS5485 LIMITLESS-AS Limitless Technical Dimensions AS5486 SMILE-ASN 012 Smile Communications LTD. AS5573 KRASNET-AS OJSC Rostelecom AS5574 TDC-SE TDC Sverige ABAS5575 TM-POP-FIAS5576 AKSHI Agjencia Kombetare Shoqerise se Informacionit AS5577 ROOT root SAAS5578 GTS-SK-AS GTS Slovakia, a.s. AS5618 DPI DP IRANAS5619 ERGO EVRY ASAS5620 ADRIAMEDIA-AS Adria Media ZAGREB d.o.o. AS5667 FASTNET2-ASN - You Tools Corporation/Fast Net AS5668 AS-5668 - Century Tel Internet Holdings, Inc. WORKS international ASAS5670 MONTEREY - Monterey Bay Internet AS5671 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5672 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5673 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5674 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5675 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5676 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5677 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5678 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5679 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5680 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5681 PBI-NET-BLK - AT&T Internet Services AS5682 NETONE - Online Network Enterprises AS5683 MCBB - Mad City Broadband, Inc. AS5685 DRANET-NORTH - Data Research Associates, Inc. AS6475 KESMAI - Kesmai Corporation AS6476 MIWORLD - Micro-Integration Corporation AS6477 DIRECTMEDIA-AS - Direct Media, Inc. AS6479 MCHENRY - Mc Henry Com Company AS6480 LITLE - Litle Net, LLCAS6481 SWRI - Southwest Research Institute AS6482 SUPER-AS1 - Super Media LLCAS6483 DIGEX-AS3 - Digital Express Group, Inc. AS6504 NOVAGATE - Novagate Communications Corporation AS6505 EQUANT DO BRASILAS6506 HOYT - David H. AS6507 RIOT-NA1 - Riot Games, Inc AS6508 WARENETASN - Technicolor, Inc. AS7169 WALRUS - Walrus Internet AS7170 MANHA-20 - Manhattan West, LLCAS7171 BIOWAREONLINECA1 - Bio Ware Austin, LLCAS7172 IPSOFT-US-ASN2 - IPsoft AS7173 Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica AS7174 ONWARD-ASN - Onward Technologies, Inc.AS1350 SEARSNET-AS - Sears Technology Services Incorporated AS1351 UVM-EDU-AS - University of Vermont AS1352 SISSA-AS1-AS Scuola Internazionale Sup. Limited AS Communications Provider AS7579 INTERNEX-AS-AP Inter Nex Australia Pty Ltd AS7580 TRUMPET-AS-AP Trumpet Software International Pty Ltd AS7581 POWERNET-AS-AP POWERNET INTERNET GROUPAS7582 UMAC-AS-AP University of Macau AS7583 MESSAGELABS-AP Message Labs - Now Part of Symantec AS7584 TCR-AS-AP TCR Holdings Limted.