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During the sixth century, this marsh region between Ely and Cambridgeshire was disputed territory with the Middil Engle, but the East Engle gradually gained the upper hand in the region.Heavily wooded country lying along the northern border of the East Seaxe kingdom became a political frontier between the two kingdoms, as well as with the Middil Engle.Settling first in the north, where the earliest evidence of their arrival has been found, the Angles in the region probably gained ascendancy between AD 475-495.If there was still any British authority in the region then it was administered from a possible territory of Caer Went (the heartland of the former Iceni tribe).Edward Dawson points out that the Angles, Saxons and Franks all used the 'ch' pronunciation of the letter 'c', as did the Romans.The Britons used a 'k' sound, but that would have been lost in East Anglia due to Roman dominance there.The kingdom of the East Angles was founded circa 571 as a result of the uniting of the North and Suth Folk (still remembered today in the Norfolk and Suffolk regions of East Anglia).

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In some Anglian lines, especially Mercian, there is a tendency to eschew the high-flown double-part names and go with more common-style single names. Remembered by later generations as Wuffa, he founds the kingdom of the East Engle by uniting the North Folk and Suth Folk.

An artist's reconstruction of the Roman town of Venta Icenorum, the main settlement of the British tribe of the Iceni - although it was never very successful and disappeared rather suddenly by the early years of the sixth century It seems probable that the ancestors of the later East Anglian kings (the Wuffingas) emerge at this time.

They would quite naturally begin to build a power base (perhaps by pushing out the Iclingas, who may already be established here).

Neglect of the Roman engineering works and land subsidence after AD 450 reduced drained fenland to marsh, isolating Ely and other islands, and quite possibly the whole of modern Norfolk from the rest of the country.

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Within these areas lived an independent people with dark-hair, called the Gywre (or Gyrwas), who were possibly Celtic in origin.

They would be fulfilling the same role of tolerated prince(s) that had probably been 'enjoyed' by their ancestor, Benoc, and also by the brother of a descendant, King thelfrith of Bernicia.