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A man who was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer two years ago is now amazingly in remission thanks to a revolutionary treatment that involved receiving an infusion of the virus that causes AIDS.

Marshall Jensen of Utah, was one of 30 leukemia patients to undergo a trial treatment at Penn Medicine recently, in which white blood cells are implanted with a harmless form of HIV programmed to target and kill cancer.

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After receiving a bone marrow transplant from a donor with a rare genetic mutation, Brown's cancer went into remission and the HIV disappeared from his system making him the first man to ever be fully cured of the virus.

The patients who received the treatment had billions of T-cells extracted from their body, which were taken to a lab and implanted with deactivated HIV.

The Jensens didn't find success though until they met Dr Carl June at Penn Medicine.All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2018 Catholic Online.Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.This is what the title "Archangel" means, that he is above all the others in rank. Michael has four main responsibilities or offices, as we ... Gabriel is an angel who serves as a messenger for God to certain people. Gabriel is mentioned in both the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible. Angels of the Church The Fallen Angels The Nine Choirs of Angels Angel Encounters Angels in the Bible Prayers to the Angels Bishop of Ruspe, Tunisia, and a friend of St. Born Fabius Claudius Gordianus Fulgentius of Carthage, he was a Roman of senatorial rank.

First, in the Old Testament, Gabriel appears to the prophet Daniel to explain his ... His mother, widowed, opposed Fulgentius' religious career, but he became a monk. continue reading Fulton John Sheen (born Peter John Sheen, May 8, 1895 - December 9, 1979) was an American archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church known for his preaching and especially his work on television and radio.

Cancer free: Marshall Jensen's (right) leukemia is in remission after receiving a breakthrough cancer treatment that involved the HIV virus.

(The discovery of a hominid skull [Sahelanthropus tchadensis] dated about 7 million years ago, may indicate an earlier divergence).… continue reading »

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Ever since vaccination was discovered by Edward Jenner in the late 18th century, there has been a regular usage of the same to prevent some diseases by building resistance against them in a young age.… continue reading »

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