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Laughed, talked and played "Flip--per" (pinball) and foosball.

Disconnected the doorbell of the apartment--that way the ZL's never found us home.

For me, it was playing pool once a week at a pool hall next door to where the sisters and elders did their laundry every Monday. Another time we went out to play racquetball, went to the movies once, and spent Christmas day watching videos. I went to Taiwan - by Goldarn It never even occurred to me not to go. I didn't keep all the rules, although I did a pretty good job.

I'd say I kept up pretty good with the "we're here and working, but we're not gung-ho idiots about it" crowd. " My favorite elder on my mission in Spain - by CA girl left the mission boundaries and went up to Toledo to buy swords to take home. I also drank Coke, my own personal little rebellion, and everybody knew it. One night we broke into another companions flat and they trashed the joint.

Caught the bus and travelled about 40 miles-impersonated European tourists around the town--ate lunch at a restaurant, toured the ruins, took lots of great pics (had to hide them, though), and picked up some great trinkets and some nice woven fabrics.

Caught the bus back, retraced our steps, changed back into the street mish clothes, and made it back to the apartment just before sundown.

In the mission field, missionaries are expected to deny their own basic physical and emotional needs to do missionary work, something that should not be required as no one goes on a mission to become depressed or broken down.

It always goes like this: When you are assigned a new companion, the first three weeks you work and work and nitpick about every rule so you don't make ripples too soon. If we didn't have any discussions scheduled after lunch, we went home and napped.Then after about 3 weeks, after the good start, you can start feeling around and seeing "Hey, what can I get away with." My #1 goal was to get through the two years, appreciate the Korean culture and be the best Korean Speaker I could be. Well, we were given 1 hour for lunch and 1 hour for dinner usually, so thats like . Leaving the mission and enjoying traveling to nearby Theme Parks (There are two HUGE parks outside Seoul) with investigators and their families. Taking the barges to various islands in the sea of China and enjoying the beautiful countryside. I always shopped at record stores, watched TV at members houses, etc.I had a few companions that were real tight asses, and unfortunately getting sent home early wasn't worth it to me. Then if we're supposted to be home by 9, then what's the point? We had Cell phones, so "Hey ZL's, our home phone is disconnected and the Land Lady is working on it. As a DL, me, my comp and the other two mishies in my city went to Midnight Mass on xmas eve and then had a barbeque at the other mishies house, and stayed up till 3 or 4 listening to xmas carol tapes when it was 85 degrees outside. Report from France - by Stitcher Served in France--did a fair amount of extracurricular traveling.Made friends with missionaries from the neighboring mission that shared our city. Mostly just to combat boredom Playing pool once a week - by Cristina Your question assumes missionaries who break some of the rules don't care about getting conversions.

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You may not understand how missions work if you make this mistaken assumption.Single woman report - by Ikki Missionaries used to visit me, a single young woman, in my home, and if they had kept that rule that they cannot visit single women living alone I wouldn't be here today, and most likely I would be happier (the branch in my town was so small that there were no other members to accompany them to their visits to me).

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