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21-Jul-2017 06:31

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Germany’s experience shows legalized prostitution doesn’t work.

Woman are abused hour after hour in huge mega-brothels around German cities.

Being alone with strange men in a closed room will always leave women at risk from violence.

Police in the Netherlands, with its liberal prostitution laws, have estimated up to 90 percent of sex workers do not practice the profession voluntarily.

In Germany – which liberalized its prostitution laws in 2002 – the legal industry is worth around €16 billion and tax revenue is a major contribution to some city budgets.

It’s time the sex industry is taxed like any other business, so that those revenues can benefit society.

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The experience of places like Nevada, Switzerland and New Zealand show that legalised, regulated prostitution works. Most women are forced into prostitution by coercion or economic need. Since the overwhelming majority of prostitutes are women, legalizing it would reinforce their oppression by male-dominated societies and present a clear affront to the concept of gender equality.What consenting adults do behind closed doors, whether they pay for it or not, is no concern of the state. Reducing sex to a financial transaction undermines normal human relationships, marriage and the family.In countries where prostitution has become legalized and taxed, the state has effectively become a pimp.Making prostitution legal is not going to make it pleasant, healthy or risk free.

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Legalizing prostitution encourages men to solicit sex and have multiple partners, increasing STD risks.The world’s oldest profession is just that, a profession like any other.