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The most amazing scenarios are exposed here from every angle. We are glad to welcome you with our daily updated content every day!***** Chapter Five - Calling the Mistress Carla stirred slowly. She wondered how many gallons of the stuff she had taken inside her today, as well as the amount that was ON her. She tried to run her fingers through it but it was all stiff and stuck together. She turned her head to find her four companions in similar positions - and similar states! Amazingly, she still had an erect penis and was playing with it as she looked down at Amber, whose head rested against her legs. By helping each other they made it to the bathroom. She could barely recognise herself, her face was so covered in dried sperm. Oh Carla, thank you so much for bringing me into this!She had no idea how much time had passed before the chant finally fell away.As soon as it did she felt a sense of vast emptiness and she knew that Warei had left her. All around her, a mist was rising out of the floor, thickening and moving in wholly unnatural ways.She got onto her hands and knees and crawled over to them. "It kind of makes me miss how I was before." "It shouldn't," Stacey said as she towelled herself dry. Now you're unencumbered by all that stuff your dad dumped on you, your inner self is finally shining through! It all makes perfect sense to me now." "Maybe you're right." "No 'maybe' about it. Amy was the last to come out of the bathroom, a towel tied up atop her head but otherwise naked. "Now that's what I call a fun way to spend the day." "We don't really have the time for this," Carla said, frowning. The rest of you need to get out of here before they do. Minutes after they left via the back door, James came in through the front. You have given me so much pleasure these last few weeks, more than I had dared hope for when we first met. We will finally get to meet face-to-face, Carla, and you can see me as I truly am. But I promise you, we will spend a lot of time together even after I come through, if Shemalias permits it." "Why wouldn't she? I do not profess to know her mind, but she likes people to keep busy, including her Futas and her Futanari." "What's the difference? Only a chosen few get to become Futanari." "A chosen few like me? Everything was going to change and little things like her mum making sandwiches for her just wouldn't happen again. Part of her wished she would disturb her parents so that they might catch her and stop her from going, but they did not stir and she managed to exit the house without trouble.They looked so peaceful wrapped up together like that. All she could see was a flurry of cocks and pussies, assholes and mouths getting punished again and again. "Look, you know I liked you before; we've been friends for years. Carla heard him banging around downstairs from her bedroom, where she was back to acting ill. But there is something I need to tell you before you go to the school tonight." "What is it? While that is good in so many ways, it does mean we will not share this level of intimacy anymore. That is why I am thanking you now for our time together." Carla felt tears well up in her eyes. " "Demons like myself are called Futas, or Futa Ghosts in my current form. The streets were virtually empty as she hurried along them.

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She lay back on the bed, intent on getting a couple of hours of sleep before she had to head out. There was no one in the room with her, so she knew who it had to be. Being without her again after all that just felt wrong. Then she saw Amy standing by a thick metal door, waving to her. "I was starting to think you weren't coming," Amy said. When she did, she saw that it was covered in dried sperm. With a groan, she levered herself up onto her elbows and looked down at her body. There was a pool of it down between her legs, with more still leaking from her pussy even now. We must remember not to exert ourselves like that again. "The rest of me may be knackered, but I feel like my cock could keep on fucking forever! In fact, her muscles ached so much it took some effort to lift her hand into view. The Futa Ghosts might have altered our bodies, Carla thought, but they don't seem to have helped our constitution. "Maybe we should put our penises away," she suggested, "to make sure we don't get distracted while we wash." "Good idea," Stacey said.Here you get the chance to share your views in the community of those who also enjoy hentai and cartoon images and movies. The variety of videos and pics will shock you in the very good way.

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