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) and it ends on a sweet note as Servo reveals he has a letter from his mom in the box saying “I’m so proud of you”.

Then Crow ruins it by bluntly pointing out that Servo doesn’t have a mother, causing Tom to scream out in mock agony.

It’s dubbing, for crissakes – can’t they retake the recording and do it over?

There are so many odd pauses and strange turns of the phrase (the famous ‘traffic accidents’ is most likely just a mistranslation of ‘accident’ or maybe ‘car crash’), and the first ten minutes is a frontloading of more backstory exposition than should be legally allowed by law.

Down in Deep 13, Frank is eating a lunchbox full of snack cakes and Dr.

F admonishes him for ‘clogging your colon’ with food, telling him to get the Invention and ‘no smudges, or I’ll have you destroyed! F’s inkblot immediately causes Frank to cry out ‘Mother!

Between the football head alien space babes with southern drawls, to the Swiss Army Head villain, to just giving up on the grownups completely, and doing a Gamera movie that focused on the kids, and giving up any pretense of it being an adult movie, to the "Hirohito Gamera" song, everything about this one works. Since I watched the KTMA episode, I have gained a new respect for mikes writing.

Movies like this make me wonder what audience the Gamera movies are made for in Japan.

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Shame and Suicides were high but in the end a movie script was created by some 30 students, polished by Coleman Francis and submitted to a movie studio who then said "Meh! " Even without the dubbing I imagine this film is pretty fucking brainless. I just love the way Gamera just happens to show up .. Seems the movie makers realized after filming a bunch of stuff that they'd forgotten to add the principle character. Is Gamera or is he not holding one or two in his hands when he falls in the water the first time or did Guiron retrieved them all? ♫ I got a startled look from my Dad & a comment of "that's dark! :) In this film, the boys fly to the planet Terra, where alien babes explain to them that the planet is exactly opposite the Earth, so out of our view behind the sun. Is this Crow\Trace doing a nonverbal riff on the lousy dub, or something else?

” What other comedy show routinely uses the word ‘Wow, the dubbing is awful in this movie.