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Tel Aviv law professor Aeyal Gross warns of the so-called ‘pink-washing’ in the Israeli political sphere—“the way in which supporting LGBT rights gives a liberal aura to conservative Israeli politicians supporting the denial of the rights of others, such as Palestinians and asylum seekers.” Read More: The Next War Between Israel and Hamas May Be Fought Underground Now, with his three months almost up, Payam is applying for permanent asylum in the country—a move that won’t be easy.

Despite hosting tens of thousands of asylum seekers fleeing persecution in Eritrea, Sudan and elsewhere, less than one percent have been granted refugee status by the state, notes Anat Ben Dor of the Refugee Rights Clinic in Tel Aviv University.

I am not so sure that there is enough capital in the world to account for the huge risks these institutions have taken.

DB is the largest holder of derivatives in the world followed closely by Barclay’s.

After he was released, articles in the state media denounced him as an ‘Israeli spy’, while the the threats he received became more vicious. “It was the moment I knew there was a huge threat on me—maybe they would hang me.” Payam fled to Turkey in 2014, and in Istanbul, he met in person some of the Israelis he had been chatting with online for years.

In an interview translated into Hebrew in 2015, Payam expressed his wish to visit Israel.

همزمان با پیشرفت، توسعه و کنترل بیماری های واگیردار، بیماری های غیر واگیر و در راس آن سرطان به عنوان یک معضل بهداشتی و درمانی نظام های سلامت را به چالش می کشد و برخورد صحیح و مناسب با آن نیازمند همکاری بین رشته ای (Multidisciplinary) در تخصص های مختلف طب است.

But sitting outside a bohemian cafe near the fashionable Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, Feili looks perfectly at ease.This has irked some critics who say that the writer is being deliberately used by right-wingers in the government to present a rosy image of the country, including the conservative culture minister Miri Regev.“Instead of getting the stage he certainly deserves as a gifted writer, he has become a display-window mannequin for the political agendas that made common cause to bring him here,” Iranian-born Israeli political activist Orly Noy, who has translated some of Payam’s work into Hebrew, wrote on Facebook. “I can’t say something about this because I’m not familiar with the internal political debates in Israel,” he says.“I used to say that if I could leave Iran I hoped to go to Israel,” he tells me, smiling. Already blacklisted as an author, Payam lost his job as an editor.

His colleagues were also interrogated and threatened, while his friends stopped visiting him out of fear.

As he balances a cigarette between his long fingers, nails painted a deep blue to match a ring beset with a large turquoise stone on his hand, he explains that he is applying for asylum to stay because, exiled from Iran, he sees Israel as an “interesting, beautiful and amazing” place where he wants to continue his life. I like the afternoon sun,” he writes in the opening lines of his novella I Will Grow, I Will Bear Fruit…Figs.