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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Aande|maner [c] conjurer, necromancer, -ma* ning [c] necromancy. Aande|ned dyspnoea, difficulty of breathing, -puet breath. Afrids [n] sketch, outline, rough-draught, [mat r anden Eonturtegrninft) diagram. Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Aai [c] [Fisk] eel; aaa glat aom en — as slippery as an eel; hana Stramper hang i — his stockings hung loose el. insanity, derange- ment, -foster production [of the mind], crea- tion, lucubration, -fravarelse absence of mind, abstraction, preoccupation, -fravarende [a] absent [in mind], absent-minded, abstracted, preoccupied; et — Bilk a vacant stare, -frem- bringelse se -foster, -fri [a] free in mind, -frl- hed mental el. energy, -kraf- tig [a] strong-minded, of vigorous mind, -nar- varelse presence of mind, self-possession, -nar- varende [a] ready-witted, self-possessed, quick in emergencies, -opieftende [a] elevating [the mind], exalting, -overlegenhed superiority of mind, -slagtskab congeniality, congenialness. -katttng, -kade [chain-] cable, -letning weigh- ing the a. -r [c] accuser, complainant, [offentlig] prosecutor. -gelse [c] founding etc., establish- ment, foundation; investment, -ger [c] foun- der. Anmaroh [c] advance; vare I — be approach- ing, advancing, coming on. review a book, -else [c] announcing etc.; announcement, notification; notice; [af Bog] review, notice, -er [c] an- nouncer; reviewer, critic. Anmarkie [vt] [maerke] mark; [optegne] note down, put down, -ning [c] remark; [Note] comment, note, annotation, commentary; give en en — put one's name down; gere -er over comment upon, -ningtprotokol [i Skolen] black book. havoc, -ning [c] serving; [Sam- ling af Retter] course; kold — a cold collation. Ansats [c] disposition; [Musik] embouchure; — til Hale a rudiment of a tail; havde — til Fedme was inclined to be stout. Judge, esteem, think, reckon, count, account, look upon as, take for; — for at consider to; -llg [a] [af Udseende] stately, portly; [stor] good-sized, [betydelig] handsome, considerable, -lighed [c] portliness; greatness, -else [c] [Tdre] appear- ance, exterior; [Agtelse] consideration, esteem, reputation; prestige; kendo en af ei. Anskreven [a]: er vol — hos ham Is in great favour with him; er ilde — hos stands Ul with him. -fornagtelte materialism, -for- nagter materialist, -fortarende [a] stultify- ing, tiresome, -forvlrret [a] crazy, insane, dis- tracted, -forvirring craziness. -frisk [a] of a sound mind, -frlskhed soundness of mind, -kraft mental power el. Anklage [c] accusation, charge; indictment; satte en under — for ac- cuse one of, prosecute one for. Anlagjge [vt] lay out; set out, plant; make [roads]; found [schools, towns]; [Fabriker] establish, erect, set up; [fig] plan; apply [a bandage]; invest [money]; — Sag imod bring an action against; — Sorg put on mourn- ing; naar man -r denne Maalestok measured by this standard; aniagt paa aimed at, for, til fitted for. to be noted; — et Forslag give notice of a motion: — en Bog notice el. -ning [c] request, desire; efter — af at the request of. Anret|te [vt] [berede] prepare, arrange; [Mad] dress, [paa Bordet] serve [up]; [foraarsage] do, make, cause; der er -t dinner is on the table; ~- Skado do damage; — 0delaggel M commit ravages el. intelligible, elucidate, illustrate, -gorelse [c] elucidation, Illustration. Anstaa [vt] please, suit, take one's fancy; — sig for be suitable, el. Anstalt [c] preparation, arrangement, dis- position; [Stlftelse- e.

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Aabningalfoat inaugural banquet, -middei ape- rient. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Aakande [c] [hvid] water-lily; gui — brandy -bottle.

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Lydia Paredes Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares Industrial affairs Dr. Vega Carrillo 1 1 Unidad Académica de Estudios Nucleares Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas C. Inside the medical exposures the most important is the x-ray use for diagnosis, which is by far the largest contribution to the average dose received by the population. Porta - dosímetro Lectura pos irradiación 1 24 hrs después 2 5 días 3 10 días 4 20 días 5 30 días 6 60 días El siguiente paso fue volver a irradiar los porta dosímetros anteriores bajo las mismas condiciones mencionadas, después de la irradiación dividieron los 2 DTL s de cada porta dosímetro (2 se colocan en una matriz y 2 en el porta dosímetro, los DTL s colocados en la matriz se expusieron a la luz y los porta dosímetros se guardan para que no reciban luz y leyeron de la siguiente manera: No.… continue reading »

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