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07-Jul-2017 04:47

In other words, remaining a virgin to this day as opposed to embarking on a multi-year world sex tour with triple-digit partners would not at all have changed the childless result I face in this very moment.Anti-evolutionary behaviors should have been weeded out of the gene pool according to the idea of natural selection, but the more I looked around, the more I saw nothing but my own behavior, of people who were actually about being a parent even though they were healthy and could afford to raise children.A book that pokes numerous holes to the evolutionary boat is Darwinian Fairytales by Australian philosopher David Stove.While not a scientist by trade, Stove provides over a dozen non-religious arguments against evolution that were not presented to us during our scientific education in school.After reading through this book carefully, I have determined that evolutionary theory is no longer useful in describing the modern day behavior of human beings.Based on my scientific background, this did take great upheaval to my belief system, but there are too many doubts to the theory, mostly based from my own observation of human behavior, that I can’t believe such a flawed model any longer.

His mind is already racing for the rationalizations that allow evolution to remain true for him, and it’s this race that allows evolution to frame all biological explanations through Darwin’s brain.

The one aspect of evolution, specifically, that does not hold true for modern humans, especially those living in the West, is that likely they will reproduce at all, which you can witness at any time in a drive through the poor and rich parts of your city.