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Simmons went bad cop on Sam, threatening him with life imprisonment and revealing Mikaela's criminal record.

Just as Simmons demanded answers about aliens, Prime intercepted the convoy, and the Autobots totally outclassed the agents.

Mikaela was hesitant, but Sam convinced her to get in. She agreed, then admitted to Sam that it was a smooth move on his part.

While driving, Sam had shotgun, but Mikaela refused to sit in the driver's seat. Mikaela then asked if the robot was so advanced, then why did he turn into a piece of crap Camaro? As Sam lamented how four thousand dollars had driven off, the car returned as a 2009 Camaro.

He hit the cement hard in front of Mikaela and soon found a police car.

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Sam spotted a Camaro that he liked, but Ron, ever the cheap man, refused to go over four thousand dollars.

He can seem to be a coward sometimes, but he has the makings of a true leader.

When he bought a car, it turned out to be an alien robot. Also, his pheromone levels suggest that he wants to mate with Mikaela Banes. Actor: Shia La Beouf, Davide Perino (Italian dub), Fuminori Komatsu (Japanese dub), Jiang Guangtao (Mandarin Dub), Sérgio Cantú (Brazilian dub), Víctor Ugarte (American Spanish dub), Manuel Gimeno (Spanish-Spain dub), Jimmy Redler (French dub) In 10th grade, Sam tried out for the football team. Trent would take notice of this and taunt him about this sometimes, but Sam would claim that he was researching a book he was writing.

Bumblebee saved them but was captured, and Sam and Mikaela were recaptured.

They were taken to Hoover Dam, where Simmons tried the awkward role of good cop, but Sam was uninterested in talking.

Mikaela was able to cut off its head, which Sam punted.