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We stand at a point not dissimilar to when Copernicus postulated Earth was not the center of the universe, a revolution that was both conceptual and far-reaching in its implications.

Well aware of the possible consequences of publishing his views, Copernicus did so only posthumously, leaving it to others such as Galileo to bear the brunt of institutional opprobrium, sanction, and possible execution.

This meant the rates predicted of re-offending were more likely to be far higher for African American suspects, compared to those of other ethnicities.

Think back to the conversation your parents had with you about the birds and the bees.

Were you really listening, or was there some kind of hormonal override that wasn’t going to listen, no matter how well-intentioned your parents’ chat?

As further examples are provided, the code behind the model is rewritten, and the probabilities tweaked.

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At a certain point, the AI program takes over, and models are created on their own.In other words, it is learning how to teach itself instead of us needing to teach it.

There was a big crowd of supporters who arrived to drink coffee, eat freshly-baked scones and to rummage through the items on the Bric a Brac and book stall.… continue reading »

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In addition to reporting for Latin Times and when he is not watching Brazilian and Mexican telenovelas or quoting lines from "Clueless" and "Friends" he is brushing up his skills in CSS and responsive website design.… continue reading »

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