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(Isaiah 37:9-20) Although they beseiged Jerusalem, the Bible states that the Assyrians did not so much as “shoot an arrow there, . Sennacherib’s inscriptions make no mention of the disaster suffered by his forces. it is hardly to be expected that Sennacherib would record such a defeat.” It is interesting to note the version that Sennacherib presents of the matter, as found inscribed on what is known as the Sennacherib Prism preserved in the University of Chicago Oriental Institute. And Esarhaddon his son became king in his place." A Neo-Babylonian letter corroborates with the biblical account a sentiment from Sennacherib’s sons to assassinate him, an event Assyriologists have reconstructed as historical.

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Hezekiah is also remembered for giving too much information to Baladan, king of Babylon (or perhaps for boasting about his wealth), for which he was confronted by Isaiah the prophet (2 Kings –19).

Proverbs 25:1 mentions that it is a collection of King Solomon's proverbs that were "copied by the officials of King Hezekiah of Judah." His reign is also referred to in the books of the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, and Micah. 687 BC, and was succeeded by his son Manasseh (2 Kings ). Thiele as 716–687 BC (the last ten years being a co-regency with his son Manasseh).

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