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The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama television series that takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia, a fictional small town haunted by supernatural beings.

I used to like Stefan, but he becomes psychopath when he turns off his humanity, but even when he turns it back he's kinda boring.

Lately the best guy in this series is Enzo in my opinion, but Bonny deserves a guy like him after everything :) is i just me or has this season got shit why do they do this to these great shows when they are ending they dont seem to bother much with the story line as much oh well must say i was glad to see the back of nina never liked her but its sad that it seems to be ending on a crap season Most of the seasons, all the way up to the 6th-ish season was AMAZING, but after Nina left, it just seemed like, to me at least, that the plots weren't as well thought out as it was before. They give you more freedom and by far my favourite book was The Vampire Diaries.

The series narrative follows the protagonist Elena Gilbert as she falls in love with vampire Stefan Salvatore and is drawn into the supernatural world as a result.

As the series progresses, Elena finds herself drawn to Stefan's brother Damon Salvatore resulting in a love triangle.

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If you are thinking about dating someone who practices vampirism you may want to take a page from one of the modern day fictional heroines like Bella Swan from “Twilight” or Sookie Stackhouse from “True Blood.” wiki How's mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.

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As the narrative develops in the course of the series, the focal point shifts on the mysterious past of the town involving Elena's malevolent doppelgänger Katerina Petrova and the family of Original Vampires, all of which have an evil agenda of their own.

Julie Plec is considering another spin-off series of TVD. Although you'd think there'd be another time jump to allow for Caroline's (and maybe Klaus') children to be teens.

Otherwise the series are too childish, couldn't watch it whole because it was just too cringy.