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29-Jul-2017 12:33

Motoring title Auto Express said a total of 3,178 public connectors of varying charge speeds were installed in 2017 while more than 20,000 new plug-in vehicles were registered between January and the end of September.

Which UK region has the most chargers per electric cars? While most super-exotic cars undergo top-secret testing at the Nurburgring in Germany, the British marque's preposterous 789bhp racer for the road has been pictured driving on the M25 near Woking.

The French government announced on Tuesday that it will lower speed limits on all two-lane highways from 90 kilometres an hour (56mph) to 80kmh (50mph) after an alarming rise in road deaths in the last three years. Could the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class pick-up truck be the do-it-all vehicle many of us have been waiting for?

Mercedes has previewed a caravan extension kit, main picture, that sleeps four adults and a sliding kitchen unit, inset, for alfresco cooking that could turn the X-Class into the ultimate weekend getaway motor.

You can’t see the trillions of minute particles produced by exhaust fumes, but they are linked to potentially fatal conditions such as strokes and heart attacks.

The Morgan EV3 is an all-electric three wheeler weighing less than 1,102 pounds.

Almost all of the existing incentives are willing to take any vehicle registered before 2010, though the VW Group is the only one that will accept just diesel cars. Find out which one we recommend in our in-depth scrappage scheme guide.

A so-called 'hard Brexit' that would see Britain leave both the single market and the customs union, could cut revenues in Germany's crucial car parts industry by up to 3.8 billion euros (£3.4billion).

These are the best and worst ones to own, according to those who drive them everyday.