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Eighteen new 2009 episodes were ordered by CTV and CBS (the original 13 ordered by CTV on August 25, 2008 plus 5 additional episodes that were ordered on November 19, 2008).

The first nine of these new episodes, combined with the four holdover episodes from 2008 were aired as Season 2 in North America.

They're called in when the situation escalates beyond the ability of ordinary officers to handle, particularly hostage situations, armed criminals and bomb threats.

When Brianna and her three gang members humiliate Tasha in the bathroom at a local shopping mall, pushing her to the floor, slapping her in the face, holding her down and using scissors to cut Tasha's hair off, Tasha retaliates by semi-accidentally shooting Cassaundra, one of the gang members, apparently fatally amidst the chaos.Through a series of unplanned events, the undercover officer (Ben Bass) at the scene has his cover is blown.Ed and Sam clash over tactics and protocol in the aftermath.A group of undercover narcotics officers requires the SRU's assistance to serve a warrant and arrest to a major drug dealer who has been under surveillance and the subject of an ongoing undercover operation.

However, the drug bust turns out complicated when an old friend arrives in the dealer's apartment.A 13-episode third season was produced in Toronto from January to May 2010 and began airing in July 2010 on both CTV and CBS.

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“The President’s climate change agenda has only siphoned precious taxpayer dollars away from the real problems facing the American people,” said Sen. “Senator Murkowski acknowledges the impacts of climate change on Alaska’s coastal communities and believes that the federal government should step up its relief role, but she does not want Alaska’s rural communities used merely as political talking points,” said her spokesman Matthew Felling.… continue reading »

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