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Since I couldn't get permission to reproduce the claims verbatim, I will summarize the creationist claims, and respond to them here.

I would recommend that future prospective critics attempt to deal directly and explicitly with the three items in the "criticisms" section above.

That data is lacking from Austin's published works.

Besides, this line of argument does not address the fact that the result is a known and expected behavior of isochrons.

Even young-earth creationists would agree with this relative sequencing of events.

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Austin was aware of this, as his 1988 reference to Faure shows. Unfortunately, it was submitted anonymously and it didn't address the key issues above.An angular unconformity is the result of tilting and eroding of the lower layers before the upper ones are deposited.These tilted and eroded layers are Precambrian in age (blue in Figure 1, above).If it is not the flows' age, that is not a "problem" with isochron dating, and it is not relevant to the large number of Rb/Sr isochrons which were computed from mineral separations of a single object.

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At the GSA meeting, Austin discussed the inheritance of a mantle age.

The geological relationships of the various formations are quite clear.

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